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Pride of the Commonwealth


A new vision for support.

While other cities have seen soccer culture flourish over the past decade, Harrisburg has been a step behind despite the consistent success of our club on the field. Established in 2017, Capital City Crew strive to raise the level of support for our Harrisburg City Islanders on the terrace, as well as in the community by creating a uniquely local atmosphere on match days and spreading goodwill and civic pride throughout the community. 

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The People had once created the city. The city now created the people...
— Peter Ackroyd

Club. Community. Camaraderie. 


Founded in 2004, Harrisburg City Islanders currently compete in USL, the second division of professional soccer in the United States and Canada.


Uniting to celebrate our community on match days and working together to better it every day, Capital City Crew offer a unique opportunity to come together with our neighbors and create life-long bonds.


Soccer has its own culture and is often considered to be a universal language, spoken around the world. We have as much a right to the sport and supporter culture as anyone. It's time to stake our claim. 



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